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3rd Rail Candidate Profiles: Jim Renacci

Growing up in a working class family in Pennsylvania, Congressman Jim Renacci's father lost his job with the railroad when he was eight years old. This was a defining moment for young Renacci as he began to look for work at odd jobs so he could help his family. He describes his story as living the American dream and it is this dream that he wants to ensure is available for all Ohioans. 3rd Rail Politics profiles Congressman Jim Renacci as he runs in the GOP primary for Governor of Ohio.

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WSJ: GOP Candidates Use the Trump Playbook

In races for Congress, governor and other offices, dozens of insurgent Republican candidates are touting their ties to Mr. Trump, echoing his slogans and seeking his endorsement against GOP rivals who are more conventional. “I’m not a career politician. I’m a career businessman,” Jim Renacci, a Republican running for Ohio governor, said at a political event where many people wore red baseball caps that said “Make Congress Honest Again.”