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3rd Rail Candidate Profiles: Jim Renacci

Growing up in a working class family in Pennsylvania, Congressman Jim Renacci's father lost his job with the railroad when he was eight years old. This was a defining moment for young Renacci as he began to look for work at odd jobs so he could help his family. He describes his story as living the American dream and it is this dream that he wants to ensure is available for all Ohioans. 3rd Rail Politics profiles Congressman Jim Renacci as he runs in the GOP primary for Governor of Ohio.

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Vice President Mike Pence with Renacci ‘Before it was Cool’

“I’m grateful to be joined by by another friend of mine. A strong partner of this administration.  A leader who represents Ohio with such distinction in Washington, D.C., Congressman Jim Renacci is here. You know, I was for Jim Renacci before it was cool. I really was. I got to know before he was even elected to the Congress. He serves on the powerful Ways and Means Committee. He’s a great champion of economic growth and jobs here in Ohio and I am truly honored, truly honored that you would be with us here today.”

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Jim Renacci hits a homerun for Mother’s Day

In advance of Mother’s Day, the Renacci for Ohio campaign today released a new biopic video, narrated by Jim’s mother, Anna Marie Renacci. The video details the origins of Jim’s work ethic and his lifelong, unyielding commitment to his faith. It also features Anna Marie Renacci sharing a cherished memory of Jim hitting her a homerun on Mother’s Day. Here’s to wishing all mothers a wonderful Mother’s Day and hoping they too get the homerun ball they deserve.