Jim’s Story

Career businessman Jim Renacci grew up in a working class, union family in western Pennsylvania—his father was a railroad worker, his mother was a nurse and he was the first in his family to graduate from college. He paid his way through school working a wide range of jobs, including as a truck driver, a mechanic and on a road crew. In 1980 he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

After graduating college, Jim became a Certified Public Accountant and went to work for accounting firm Grant Thornton in Pittsburgh, specializing in their health care accounting practice. In 1983, Jim left Pittsburgh for Wadsworth, OH, where he founded LTC Management Services, a company that owned, operated and managed nursing facilities throughout the region. Jim also founded a CPA firm in 1989, along with several other business ventures. Throughout his 30-year business career Jim owned and operated over 60 entities, created more than 1,500 jobs and employed over 3,000 people.

In addition to his work helping grow Ohio’s economy as a private sector business owner, Jim Renacci has also dedicated much of his life to public and community service. He served as a volunteer firefighter, a youth baseball coach and on his city’s board of zoning appeals. Later he served one term as Mayor of Wadsworth, where he successfully balanced the city’s $80 million dollar budget and converted a multi-million dollar deficit into a surplus, without raising taxes.

Although Jim had no real interest in serving in any other elected office, in 2009 he grew increasingly alarmed at the rapidly expanding size and scope of the federal government and its negative impact on American jobs and families. Compelled to bring commonsense business principles to Washington, Jim ran for congress in Ohio’s 16th District in 2010, defeating the Democratic incumbent that fall. In the House of Representatives Jim sits on the powerful Ways and Means Committee with jurisdiction over America’s tax code.

In March of 2017, Jim Renacci announced that despite his new found hope for accountability in Washington under a new President and a new Congress, he would be running for Governor of Ohio in an effort bring his three decades of business experience and his commitment to conservative leadership to Columbus. Jim is the only candidate seeking the office who has spent his career in the business world, not in politics. Since entering the race for Governor he’s been endorsed by several grassroots conservative and pro-Trump organizations, including Citizens for Trump and Bikers for Trump. Renacci also captured 62% of the vote in the first conservative coalition 2018 gubernatorial Primary poll, far outpacing Jon Husted, Mike DeWine and Mary Taylor who received 24%, 15% and 0% of the vote respectively.

Jim Renacci and his wife Tina live in Wadsworth, Ohio where they have raised three children, one daughter and two sons. Jim is a faithful member of his local Parish and has ushered in Mass for over twenty years.