Why I Am Running…

I’m running for Governor because Ohio has been the land of opportunity for me. I want to be a part of ensuring it continues to support innovation and prosperity for the next generation. I grew up in a blue collar, union family in Western Pennsylvania, and Ohio is where I lived the American Dream. I moved here after college with just a few hundred dollars, and over the next three decades I was blessed to raise three children with Tina, my wife, operate more than 60 businesses, create 1,500 jobs, and employ over 3,000 people across the state.
Putting Ohio First
I ran for Congress after expecting to remain a business guy my entire life. In 2009, the Obama Administration came in and took over General Motors, shutting doing one of the dealerships GM had asked me to take over and killing 50 good-paying jobs in my community. So I ran, and I won, and I’ve been fighting ever since to keep Washington from interfering so much in our everyday lives. Now I’m running for Governor because Ohio is lagging behind, and we need leadership in Columbus that will bring real world solutions and business experience to getting our state back on track.
I hope you’ll join our team. Our state is facing some tough challenges, but I believe that with the right leadership, Ohio’s best days are yet to come. Learn more.

Recent News

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In the four months since Renacci launched his gubernatorial bid, the campaign’s rapidly growing momentum among key Republican Primary voters and its strong grassroots statewide structure have already been well documented. Today’s news that several of the country’s most experienced fundraising professionals have joined Renacci for Ohio further bolsters the campaign’s surging strength and top-tier infrastructure.

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Second Amendment Champion Jim Renacci Leading the Fight for National Reciprocity on Concealed Carry

“As a life-member of the NRA and concealed carry permit holder, I’m proud of my unwavering record of commitment to protecting and strengthening Second Amendment rights.  Our constitutional rights don’t end at the state border and as Governor I will be as outspoken an advocate for Second Amendment rights and the concealed carry cause as I’ve been during my time in the House of Representatives.”